What Is Blogging? A Short Guide on Blogging for the Beginners

So, what is blogging? The term blogging has become commonplace on the internet, and for those who are still unfamiliar with what it is, let us clear it up for you. Blogging is simply the publishing of discrete posts on a blog.


First Let us know what is a blog?

A blog is a simple site published on the internet, which houses the aforementioned posts, whereby the newest posts appear first. Unlike static websites that usually have a distinct purpose, a blog is more liberal, and it can be anything you want it to be. It can be an online diary, information sharing site, a personal memoir, or a social place to meet like-minded people or even a place to share artistic creations such as pictures and videos.

Are there Free Blogs?

Yes, there are blogs that are totally free! The simple nature of blogs means they can be set up without going through the obvious technicalities of setting up a website. This is why there are free blogs. While their capacities as actual websites are limited, these free blogs are easy to set up, design, and manage, and can easily be publicized with a little effort.

What are the top platforms for blogging?

Blogging has been around for more than a dozen years, and so many blogging platforms have come up. They include Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Posterous, among others. Setting up a blog with these platforms is often easy.

While there is the risk of having many similarly looking blogs, these platforms offer profound customization options that help every blogger individualize the outlook of their blog almost entirely.

How many Types of Blogs are there and what are they?

Blogs can be categorized based on the kind of content they offer, and the way they do so. They include personal blogs that are built around the life of the blogger, microblogging sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, corporate blogs that serve business purposes and blogs addressing particular topics, fashion blogs, and health blogs.

What are Blog Posts?

As earlier established, blogs are liberal in nature, in the sense that a blogger can publish anything they deem worthy to post. It is however important to make sure you post well-authored posts, with interesting information that are fun to read. If you engage the public, you might very easily gather an audience, and even make money with your blog.