Top10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day… A day of love and cheesy romance so why not get into the mood and show your partner (or yourself) some love! Here are 10 romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Stay in and watch a Romantic Movie

this one is pretty obvious but it can really be special if you make it. Turn on some cheesy flicks like The Notebook, Love Actually, Pretty Woman, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, etc. Get all cozy under a fuzzy blanket, drink some tea or hot chocolate, and order a pizza or some Chinese food! Really the possibilities are endless… And if you’re feeling extra ~special~ light up some cake-scented candles or something and enjoy the moment. Turn your night into a Hallmark movie and get cheesy with it.

2. Go to a Fancy Italian restaurant

Ever wanted to Recreate Lady and the Tramp? Just order some spaghetti and it’s done! don’t be afraid to get fancy! Wear a pretty dress that makes you feel special or a nice suit and that’s Amore!

3. Go see a movie

Now, going to a movie theatre can be fun but to make the experience more different and exciting going to a live theatre can help! Find a cheap movie around town and enjoy watching the actors express their talent while having a fun experience yourself or with your partner. For a bonus, you can grab a bite to eat or get a coffee afterward.

4. Go to a Stand-up Comedy Show

Have a good laugh and stay entertained at a stand-up comedy show. Typically, stand-ups are at local bars, cafes, and restaurants. Find a simple skit and enjoy the show. Food is usually provided and you can probably get a few drinks for yourself and your partner.

5. Go for a Drive and do some Sight-Seeing

Drive around your town or go somewhere new, explore, and visit places you’ve never been to before. Take some insta-worthy photos and capture the moments. You can even make a scrapbook or create an album of all the memories from that day/night.

6. Go to a Pottery class or Do Something Crafty

Make some cool art pieces together and learn something new! Not only is it fun but you also get to create memories and learn new skills. Find a pottery class online and book for a class. Or you can get creative and make some crafty heart mugs with a white mug, sharpies, and alcohol.

7. Go to an Arcade or play some Video Games

Compete with your partner and show your competitive side by going to a local arcade or playing some video games on a Nintendo Switch or console. Whether it’s Mario Kart or playing some Air Hockey at the arcade just have fun and let loose! You can each take turns and whoever wins has to buy the other person a coffee or get them a donut.

8. Visit the Park or go on a Nice Bike Ride

Go to the park and have a nice walk and feed some birds like in those sappy romantic movies or go on a bike ride around the town. And if you’re really badass, drive a motorcycle and show off for the ladies.

9. Go to a club

Show off your moves and have a few drinks! Get crazy and have a fun time. Mingle, dance, and party like no tomorrow! The night is yours!

10. Go Stargazing or Cloudgazing

The cheesiest and sappiest one of all, this one can really set the mood and be quite romantic… Just like the Fault in our Stars! Talk about your day, life, year, whatever! Just be in the moment and relax.