Tips for easy approval of Google adsense account

An article this time will discuss Tips In order for Accounts Google Adsense ReceivedWell, What we should do to be a member of Google Adsense Publisher?. Actually tale difficulties already experienced before I managed to become a member of the Publisher Google Adsense, yes around 8 times me rejected by GA, however after reading a few articles on the internet, I tried doing some tips in accordance with the article. Kalo according to me, if you are new and first times intend to apply to the GA, it is recommended you see your email accounts and your own blog. Loh, you must own both of them? so ya. mail: check your email lah, try to use the email from Google (Gmail), and after that check your profile. The profile which you have to check is the age you are,  Age which is required is 18 years and above, so kalo below it must locker become 18 years and above. Blog/website your: nah, this part of most important. Why important? because Google itself is very concerned about its customers, so do not carelessly blog can sign up to the GA. Here are the factors that will drive your blog in order to enter into GA.

approval of Google adsense

  1. Blog article: I think the most important is the article that you create must be original and have a selling value. (Articles that have a selling point in my opinion the article that clicking-another product review)

  2. Age Blog and Page Rank: according to me, the age of blogs that can penetrate the GA is around 3-6 monthly with a page rank of 1-10.

  3. Blog Design: according to me, a simple blog design and enough space to advertise GA is best to penetrate GA. And it's not enough, you have a blog should have easy navigation for your visitors. (Not to get broken links and your visitors can not click on all your blog pages).

  4. Make sure your blog is indexed in Google, and not just have to Google, your blog should also be indexed to various search engines like Bing / Yahoo, etc.

  5. Content Policy: Nah, this is the most important part. To view the full recommendation you open this link  https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/answer.py?hl=id&answer=1348688&topic=1271507&rd=1