Starting a business online with Zero Risk

 Do you own a business? Or are you preparing to start up a fresh new business whether offline or online? What are the risks of such a business, how to start, capital and the rest of those kinds of questions will flow in and out of your mind.

Starting a business online with Zero Risk

 Every business has a risk of its own. There is no business with no measure of risk whether big or small businesses. Even if you blog, run an online store, market, or whatever online stuff you work on, there are pretty much risks attached to it, no matter the size.
Right now, we will be focusing on businesses I have tasted myself to be low or no-risk businesses and some others added to it are recommended or used by friends online.

Businesses I consider to be Zero risk
There are businesses I personally consider to be Zero risk businesses, some of them are familiar to you if you’re a blogger, researcher, or an online marketer. You can start up a business with little or no capital but the truth is that experience matters in such a business. To say the real fact, I have started a business with no capital and it worked out for me, why? It’s because I made an audience available before starting up the business and also there was a need to fill, in at that particular time.
Now, let’s get to the real issue at hand. ‘Businesses I Consider to be Zero risk are just a few which I have tasted and few are used by people I have followed online as a result’ as I said earlier and their testimonies made me see that it is worth the exposure.

Here comes the list I combined first is;

Freelancing business: This was where I started from, back from school times, and in the long run I get involved online. I started as a poet; I write more emotional poems which deal with sadness, tears, broken-hearted, love, and other conditions that affect humans, in a nutshell, am a natural, romantic poem writer (i.e. Poet). I know it’s very strange and probably some will say how can a poet start writing business, consulting, and marketing strategy tips here. Well, I will say people do change and the condition and situation of things really made me change.
After a good measure of time, my love for business issues and topics began to grow all of a sudden. With such ideas and zeal I started my personal blog which I used mainly for freelancing then later I created this blog where I help with tips like marketing, advertising, company review/interview, products and services surveys, etc.
I have guest posts for blogs like Loudtips Blog, Zealmat Blog & Marciewrites Blog which I got comments and that lead me to have more audience.
Consulting/marketing strategist Business: I love this part, I do it on weekly bases and this was where I got the logic and idea to run this blog you are reading from right now. The place I worked then also inspired me, I got more exposure from my bosses and I learned from them since I was a Personal Assistant to them, I take second place in business and marketing discussions, reading and implementing business plans, and strategies to grow businesses, and marketing strategist. As a result of this, I gained much experience.
I base offline with this consulting opportunity that comes my way and later few came online as a result of my blogging experience. I really have made some good cash doing this. I have done marketing offline more before getting online

Affiliate marketing/ online reselling store: There are lots of sites out there that make use of this amazing part and they make a good income. Selling other people's products, and services on their site, Facebook page or groups, and other online sites. You can also join them and get your own share. I have not fully gone into affiliate marketing for sites but I partly have less benefit, I have affiliate links from sites that I don’t want to disclose here and now due to not deviating from the core subject.
Some online stores make use of this offer, they sell products of other companies and they get a commission for every sale made from their affiliate links.

Company, products, and services review business: You can help the company to run reviews and you get paid for it. It is very easy to do this, you can communicate with companies and ask them if you could carry out a survey about the company, products & services from the client and consumers. Many companies will appreciate such an offer, for your review and carry out the survey. Companies are delighted for such ideas led by a business and marketing strategist. This helps companies to better satisfy the consumers so this is a very good idea for them.

Mini-Importation business: Starting online importation is also a good business; you buy goods/products online from other countries and import it into the country to sell. You make twice the money you make.
Am planning on investing good cash in this aspect since I already have the knowledge about how such a business works and am also in a better chance to make back the capital for the investment made.

Other Businesses to start up with little capital
You can also start the other online stuff like;
Bulk SMS Reseller Business
Online Store/ Affiliate store
Job Portal/Employment Agency

Note: If you will like to start any of the businesses online mentioned here on this site do well to consult with me here and I will offer any amount of help needed to start and also grow the business.

In conclusion, online businesses are easy to start and don’t require a shop or company to run them from. You can do it directly from the comfort of your home.