Mom, Dad, Girlfriend and Boyfriend Lucky Name Ideas

Lucky Name Ideas – Smartphones have taken over the world by storm. Every day we see a new smartphone from a new brand. Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone to stay connected with each other. You can store the contact numbers of your friends, relatives, and family members to make a quick call. Today, we will show you the list of Contact Names and Ideas to store the contact numbers of your favorite people with unique names.

Mom, Dad, Girlfriend and Boyfriend Lucky Name Ideas

We often make calls to our loved ones every day. You probably have kept a unique nickname for your best friends and loved ones. You can apply the same name to your phone’s contact list. This will make things better for you. You can also stand out as different from the crowd by keeping the unique names of your favorite contacts.

Just to give you better ideas about the contact names, here we have categorized the names of the contacts into different categories. We have picked the most common categories of people whose contact names are stored in your mobile phone. The following lists will help you pick suitable nicknames for your loved ones. Just go through the categories and find the best names for your friends, family members, siblings, relatives, etc.

Why a unique Contact Name Is Important?

Nicknames are very important. This is the name which is given by someone to us. Everyone has their nickname and they actually like it. You too can give your personal nickname to your loved ones. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, you can give a suitable nickname to her or him.

In the same way, you can call your dad, mom, brother, or sister with a unique nickname. This will also give them the best feeling. You can keep the same nickname as your phone’s contact names while saving them.

If you are unaware of this idea, you can go to the Contacts list, select the name of your contact and edit it with a unique nickname. Let’s check out the different categories of Contact Names now!

Contact Names For Mom

Mother is the gift from God to every child and we spend most of our time with our mother during our childhood. We all have a special place in our hearts for our mother. In different regions, people call their mother a name starting with the letter M. We call our mother as Mummy, Maa, Mom etc.

But have you ever imagined calling your mother by a unique nickname? A Mother plays an important role in our life and that’s why, we should never forget the sacrifices done by her to grow us. In fact, the mother is the person who gave us our real name.

  • Household CEO
  • Mimsey
  • Moo Moo
  • Yes, mom!
  • Morning alarm
  • Mumbassa
  • Boss lady
  • Captain
  • Momzilla
  • Mummers
  • Mumbasa
  • Super lady
  • Mooma
  • Easy breezy
  • Fairy
  • The anger
  • The mothership
  • Instructor
  • Mombles
  • Gin o’clock
  • Mamacita
  • Mammy
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Law
  • mumm
  • Mother Hen
  • Anchor
  • THE Mom

Creative people always come up with their creativity to make the world look more beautiful. To make the relationship between you and your mother stronger, here we have picked some unique nicknames for Mom. Check out the list and pick a suitable name for your Mom.

Contact Names For Dad

Father is the backbone of every child. In fact, this is the same person who gifts his own happiness to their child. This is the person who helps their children build their careers and make their future brighter.

Sometimes, you should also pay your respect to this person who never expects anything from you. You can show your love to your father by calling him a nickname that suits his personality.

There comes a time when you become a friend of your father. This is the time that every father is expecting to come. You can be friends with your father and call them by a nickname to make them smile. Here are some cute nicknames for a father, you can pick the suitable one for your father based on his health, fitness, look, etc. You can save his nickname in your phone’s contact.

  1. Alpha Male
  2. Backbone
  3. Baldie
  4. Bearded Guy
  5. Constant Helper
  6. Cookie Monster
  7. Dada
  8. Dadinator
  9. Dang Dad
  10. Darling Papa
  11. Eye of the Storm
  12. Family Man
  13. First Teacher
  14. Food Provider
  15. Forever Chief
  16. He Who Must Not Be Named
  17. Head of Family
  18. House In Charge
  19. House Police
  20. Humor Device
  21. Irreplaceable Man
  22. Jack of All Trades
  23. James Bond
  24. King
  25. Lame Joker
  26. Man of the House
  27. Man Who Grills
  28. Mountain
  29. Dad
  30. Night Watch
  31. Oldest Buddy
  32. Pa
  33. Papacita
  34. Pa-ying Machine
  35. Pop
  36. Popeye
  37. Poppy
  38. Savage Dad
  39. Second in Command
  40. Shield of Life
  41. Superhero
  42. Superman
  43. Supreme Leader
  44. The Hulk
  45. The Terminator
  46. Tiger
  47. Tough Guy
  48. Controller
  49. Wise Man
  50. Yo Dad

Contact Names For Sister

Sister is not your sibling but your enemy. Yes, we all hate our sisters as they always annoy us most of the time. But there’s an indefinite love behind those fights and enmity. Deep down, we all love our sisters the most as they are our first best friends.

We already have nicknames for our sisters but there are some more unique names available with us that you can choose to call your sister. The following list is prepared for those who are searching for a witty nickname for their sister.

Sisters love you, annoy you, and irritate you but they also love you the same way you do. So forget about the negative thoughts and find out a cute yet witty nickname for your lovely sister from this list now!

  1. Little Rabbit
  2. Khaleesi
  3. Cartoon
  4. Dramaqueen
  5. Lampkin
  6. Conductor
  7. Pinocchio
  8. Bubba
  9. Bubs
  10. She-Devil
  11. Diablo
  12. Chicken Little
  13. Sticky-icky
  14. Munchkin
  15. Shadow
  16. Short stuff
  17. Newbie
  18. Eenie Meenie
  19. Princess
  20. Queenie

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Contact Names for Brother

Brothers are the best gift from god. If you do have a brother, you can consider yourself as a lucky person. Brother helps you in many ways throughout your life and that’s the reason why he is the most respected person.

A Brother is a person who always stands with you in your good and bad. He encourages you and helps you to achieve whatever you desire. The relationship between you and your brother is like a love-hate relationship. You often fight and care for one another. This is how you show your love to each other.

To make the relationship between you and your brother stronger, here we have listed down cute nicknames which you can pick for your annoying brother. Keep the same name as his contact name on your phone.

  • Bro
  • Brobama
  • Broball
  • Broboat
  • Brobe Bryant
  • Brofessional
  • Broflake
  • Brojack
  • Brokey
  • Brolife
  • Brominator
  • Big Bro
  • Big Dude
  • Big Guy
  • Big Man
  • Biggie
  • Buboy
  • Buck
  • Buddy
  • Guy
  • Junior
  • Little Bro
  • Little Dude
  • Little Guy
  • Little Man
  • Youngin

Contact Names for Girlfriend

Girlfriends are of different types and for that reason, you should keep a suitable nickname to call them. Sometimes, a girlfriend is annoying and sometimes she is supportive. Every girl likes it when you call her by a cute nickname.

This makes her smile and that’s what we all need. To make her smile every single day, you need to choose a unique and cute nickname for her. To make the selection process simpler, here we have listed down the cutest names for Girlfriends.

Consider this list as your lifeline to keep stronger with your relationship. Pick a suitable name and add it as your girlfriend’s contact name.

  1. Pooh
  2. Dimples
  3. Bubbies
  4. Cutie
  5. Babe
  6. Princess
  7. Queenie
  8. Skippy
  9. Cute Eyes
  10. Baby Boo

Contact Names for Boyfriend

A boyfriend is a person who is more than a friend. This person always stands by you in your thick and thin. This person never lets you go down and always encourages you to stay positive in life. Boyfriend also likes it when their girl calls them by a cute nickname.

If you are a girl and searching for a unique cute nickname for your Boyfriend, then here’s a full list of the cutest names for Boyfriends for you. This list helps you to pick a perfect name for your boy as per his personality, hobbies, interests etc. You can keep the same name on your mobile phone.

  1. Champ
  2. Babe
  3. Honey
  4. Apple
  5.  Shortie
  6. Hot Stuff
  7. Honey Bee
  8. Romeo
  9. Bae
  10. Eye Candy

Final Words:

Nicknames are very important in every relationship be it with your mom, dad, brother, sister, or girlfriend and boyfriend. We all need love and affection to stay stronger in our relationships. A cute nickname is the first step to building a stronger relationship between the two people.