Long Tail Pro In-Depth Review – Is It Worth Purchasing

You are here to get some information about Long Tail Pro.

I’m going to discuss every bit of long-tail pro in this article.

But, before starting it.

long tail pro

Do you know keyword research is the backbone of a blog?

To get success in blogging it is very important to target the right keyword to derive quality traffic to the blog

Who does not want to get more traffic and a better conversion rate?

Every blogger wants to increase their blog traffic and conversion rate.

There is no magic trick to do it.

You have to do keyword research to fulfill your wish.

Because you will be only able to get traffic and conversion if you target the right audience by targeting the right keywords.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research then read this article.

Before diving into the long-tail pro review let’s have a look at what is a long-tail keyword.

What Is A Long-Tail Keyword?

Long-tail keywords are those keywords that have four or more four words in them.

Long-tail keywords are very specific keywords.

These keywords immediately clear the intent of the searcher.

You may not even know that almost 70% of web searches are of long-tail keywords.

As the use of voice search is increasing day by day the use of long-tail keywords is also increasing simultaneously.

You may know that when you search for anything by voice search then you have to be very specific to get the right search results.

So, as the habit of voice search is increasing regularly the use of long-tail is also increasing.

By targeting the long-tail keywords you are not only able to monetize your blog for voice search but you will be also able to get more conversions.

Now Let’s quickly have a look at the benefits of targeting long-tail keywords.

Benefits Of Targeting LT Keywords

Without talking any shit let's have a look at the list of benefits:

Less Competitive 

A long-tail keyword is less competitive because if you target long-tail keywords then you will be targeting a per-specific audience.

By which you can ever cut your competition even in a competitive niche.

What you have to do is to only find relevant long-tail keywords to your niche.

Quick Results

You will see quick results by using long-tail keywords.

If you are struggling for a long time to get your article ranked in the search engine.

Then I can tell you that you will definitely target very short and broad-range keywords.

Stop doing that mistake and start writing an article by targeting long-tail keywords.

Brings Better Conversion

Long-tail keywords bring conversion because long-tail keywords are very specific to a particular problem.

Whenever a person finds your article by searching for a specific phrase then you will definitely get a sale for your product.

As you have understood the importance of targeting the long tail keyword now let’s understand how to find them.

How To Find Long-Tail Keywords?

It is very easy to find long-tail keywords.

What have to do it that you have to use a keyword tool to find a number of less competitive long-tail keywords.

You can use different tools to find long-tail keywords but in this article, I’m only going to tell you about the Long-Tail Pro Keyword tool.

Long-Tail Pro Review And Features

This tool was developed and introduced in 2011 by Spencer Haws owner of Niche Pursuits.

He introduced this tool because at that time he was looking for a tool by which he can get a number of long-tail keywords by a single seed keyword.

Not only he developed the tool but he also made it available in the market to help other people to use it to increase their sales and conversion rate.

But in 2016, he sold this tool to get time to manage his other work.

In the past, his tool was a desktop keyword research software.

At that, you have to download and install it on your computer like any other software.

Since that time there are a lot of updates are made to add more value to this tool.

Now it works online.

You do not have to download and install it.

Now you have to only purchase it by paying the required monthly subscription amount and you will be good to go to use it.

As you have understood the purpose of using and history of this tool.

Now let’s check the features of this tool.

Features of Long-tail Pro

  • Get keywords based on your seed keyword.
  • Create different projects for different sites.
  • You can check to google yahoo, bing ranking of your keywords
  • Track the ranking of your website.
  • Export Keywords ideas to an Excel sheet.
  • Check competitiveness of keywords

Why You Should Use The Long-Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool?

If you are using any free tool to find keywords for your blogs and you are not getting any results then I want to tell you that by doing keyword research with free tools you are aiming at your goal in the dark. you don’t know when you are going to get the results of your hard work.

You know that there is a huge earning potential in affiliate marketing.

But still, if you are not investing any money in your blogging then you are doing well with yourself.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in a high-end tool like ahref and semrush that cost $99 a month then Long tail pro is the best choice for you.

Because you can get its starter plan only at $25 dollars a month.

If you really want to get successful in your blogging then you have to invest.

If you invest then you will come ahead of those bloggers who are relying on free tools and waiting for the magic to happen.

I personally highly recommend you invest and see results in a short span of time.

So, what are you waiting for go ahead and buy it and start getting results?

Long-Tail Pro Keywords Research Guide

So, let’s start the keyword research guide of long-tail pro

Create a Campaign

Create a campaign for your keyword research.

This option is very helpful for those who want to do keywords for different websites.

You can create a different campaigns for different websites.

Select the desired language and country for your keyword research.

Make sure to choose the right country because it is going to be the search country of your keywords.

Enter your Seed keyword

Now you are going to start your keyword research.

Enter your seed keyword in the seed keyword section.

Put the number of keyword suggestions you want to get.

Add the filters in advance.

Now, just click the retrieve button and long-tail pro will give a lot of long-tail keywords for your seed keyword.

Short-list Your Keywords

Now you will see a lot of keyword ideas with their average Keyword Competitiveness, Search Volume, Bid, Words, and Rank value.

You can shortlist the keywords by using the filters.

If you are a complete newbie who just started his blogging carrier then I would recommend you select the keywords with less than 20 keyword competitiveness.

And if you have experience in blogging then you can target keywords with higher difficulty.

Competitor Analysis

Once you get large numbers of keyword ideas then you can also check your competitors who are ranking in the top SERP.

You can also do it manually by pasting the URL of the competitor in the search bar.

By doing this you can get a lot of keyword strategies from your competitor.

You will get to know about many things like:

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Keyword Competitiveness
  • Site Age
  • External Backlinks
  • Referring Domains

Rank Tracking

With the help of this tool, you are not only able to find long-tail keywords but you can also track the ranking of keywords.

This is a very helpful feature if you running a marketing campaign for your blog.

This feature will let you know whether your keyword is performing well or not.

To track the raking of the keyword

  • Go to the Rank Tracker option in the primary sidebar.
  • Now click on the small plus button on the left side of the default.
  • In the pop-up section enter your project name.
  • Now Enter the domain name or the URL of a specific page that you want to track.
  • Now add the keyword which you want to track (If you want to track multiple keywords then press enter after entering each keyword ).
  • If you want to enter a specific location then you can also do that.
  • Not only the location but you can also specify the search engine for which you want to see the results.
  • Now, click the add button

This tool not only allows you to see the tracking results but can also download your tracking results even by filtering the timeframe.

If you are an agency and work for your clients then you can send the downloaded version of the progress in the ranking of the keywords.

See the video to know how to use the rank tracker

Pros Of Long Tail Pro

 User-Friendly interface

  Create different campaigns for your different niche

 Affordable to other premium tools available in the market.

 Pre-search Filters

 Backlinks Analysis

 Competitor Analyses

 Rank Track Tracker’

 Allow you to download tracking results

Cons Of Long Tail Pro

♥ Limit of manual search

♥ Limit on the seed keyword

Final Words

Long-Tail Pro is easy to use.

You can use it even if you are not an SEO expert.

When you will create your account and log in for the first time then Long tail pro will guide you with the short tutorials