How to improve Alexa rank of your blog?

What is Alexa Rank? And how can it be useful for your blog?

I highly recommend you read the complete article for more information. I have tried to explain it well enough.

Here are some tips to improve your Alexa ranking.improve-alexa-rank

1. Write something unique:

You must publish content that moose singlerelevant, and useful. Originality, relevance, and usefulness are part of the critical elements that ensure the survival of a blog. They are inviting your readers to come back regularly to look for information on your blog.

The more unique and useful you are, the more your readers will like you. They love you more, the more they visit your blog regularly. The more they visit regularly, the more they share your articles on their social networks… more traffic increases, and finally, the higher your Alexa ranking improves.

So now you should understand that it is not enough just to write articles and publish them on your blog. Without quality (originality – relevance – utility) your items will not be of any use.

In the beginning, when we start in the blogging field, we want to be like some bloggers we take for models, this is not a bad thing because it is very important to have an example to follow. However, it is equally important to build a model, as it is crucial to be unique thereafter. Be yourself.

Everything you do, say, and create as content on your blog must be unique.

2. Write more often
You have more articles on your blog, and the better your chances of generating traffic around the most frequently used keywords. Better yet, the more you write regularly, you are likely to improve your Alexa ranking (Alexa Rank).

Alexa ranking depends partly on the traffic that you generate on the web daily. And to increase the traffic, you need not only new visitors but also need returning visitors (subscribers) to your blog. Hence the importance of having a newsletter comes into the limelight. You can use Feedburner or Aweber to put a newsletter in place.

In fact, unless you publish content regularly, the lower your loyal readers back to your blog … you have fewer and fewer visits you referenced on search engines.

Keep in mind that the Alexa ranking plays an important role in SEO for your blog and the traffic your blog generates plays a crucial role in your Alexa ranking.  It”s all about traffic.

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