Best Tips to Find Profitable Blogging Niche

Find a profitable Trending blogging niche in 2022:

A complete guide to finding highly profitable, low-competition blog niches in 2022 with high-recommended ideas.

Profitable Blogging Niche

Why do we need a blog niche?

Some people did well with a more disorganized plan.

But most of the time, this is the problem:

Your readers don't have to be interested in everything you're passionate about. So, unless you want to make yourself the subject of your blog (which is possible), it's hard to get people to read it that way.

On the other hand, if you stick to one topic, you can be sure that people who are interested in one of your posts will also be interested in your other content.

What Does Blog Niche Mean?

A blogging niche could be a carefully chosen area or topic that your blog will be about. Blogging niche tells your readers exactly what your blog will be about.

If you start a blog and write about different things every day, it won't be a simple idea. You might write about finances one day, parenting the next, and cooking the day after that.

So you can think about how your readers will figure out what your blog is all about. There is a real chance that the audience will lose interest because they don't know if they'll get what they want or not.

So, when you start a blog, it's always a good idea to choose a topic or Niche for it.

The niche must be profitable and narrow at the same time.

Most bloggers make their blog about something they are passionate about, which isn't always a bad idea. But you need to do research first to make sure that the subject is possible.

The niche you choose for your blog must be popular and have the potential to make money.

Why isn't blogging fallen?

People have thought that blogging is dead ever since the videos became very popular. But this is usually just a false belief. Blogs will never stop being used. Here are some numbers to show that blogging is still alive:

  • There are more than 152 million blogs on the Internet.
  • 77% of people who use the internet often read blogs.
  • 5% of people say that a blog makes a website more trustworthy and credible.
  • 81% of people who use the Internet say that blogs are good places to get information and advice they can trust.

About half of buyers look at three to five pieces of content before they talk to a sales rep.

It's great that 70% of people would rather learn about a business from a blog than from a billboard.

It has also been shown that businesses that have blogs get 97% more links to their website.

I think these numbers should be enough to show you that blogging will never die. In fact, these numbers keep going up as more and more people use the web and smartphones.

How do I find a blog niche that will make money in 2022?

Most new bloggers don't know what a blog niche is. Like, does it really matter to have a niche for your blog? Or, why do I want to focus on finding the best niche for my blog?

If you don't know what to write about on your blog, don't worry! This blog post tells you how to choose a blog niche and gives you information about all the possible profitable niches out there.

You want to start from scratch and make a blog that makes money and is a success. And you don't want to put your money on the line right away to hire someone to set up the website.

But you don't want to make a mistake that will keep you up all night trying to figure out the answer. So, if you want to set up a blog with WordPress, just go to my detailed tutorial on how to fix a WordPress blog in just 15 minutes.

How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Blog in 2022?

Now you want to choose the best niche for your blog. But where do you find the best niche for your blog? or how to choose a niche for a blog?

Now you need to do research on the easiest blog topic you want to write about.

Every time you read a blog post, try to figure out why you're reading that one and not another. The majority of the time, you read a blog post to learn something or get better at something. Make a list of the last few questions you've looked up on Google.

If we made a list of all the questions people try to find on Google, they would look something like this:

  • different ways to make money on the Internet?
  • What are some ways to make money while you sleep?
  • What are some home workouts for people who have never worked out before?
  • What are the best ways to raise a child that every parent should know?
  • What are some easy meal-prep ideas for moms who work?

You can see a general trend in the list above: people are looking for questions that will help them solve their problems. Basically, you want to choose a blog niche that will help people solve some big problems.

Step 1: Find out if anyone wants to read about this topic.

If you answered the first question, you probably know a few people who are interested in your blog's niche. Now it's time to find out if anyone wants to look at an alternative.

Well, the answer isn't hard to find. Stop wracking our brains and do some basic research!

So, how can you tell if your blog's niche has a large audience? Let's see some data…

Let's use Google Trends, which is a free tool for blogging. Google Trends will help you figure out –

Whether or not people are actually interested in these things

The number of people interested in your niche ideas goes up or down.

We're not going to do a deep dive into any niche topics, but it's a great way to talk about what's popular now.

All you really want to do is –

Write down some of the most important words for your niche

And look at that, now you have a great niche idea if you're interested in traveling and photography.

Both of these topics are very popular, and it might even get more popular after lockdown. This means that if you get to start a blog today, it's a great chance!

Step 2: Can I use this niche to make money online?

So, it's time to figure out if your blog will really make you money.

If you're creative, you can make money in any quiet niche as long as you have a specific audience in mind.

But some blog niches always make more money and get more readers than others. You want to know if and how you can make money with your niche.

Yes, time for rNichech!

Look at a couple of blogs in your niche and see how they make money.

First, you'll want to find out how much money other blogs in your niche are making.

Open a few blogs and check to see if they –

They sell their own goods (eBooks, online services, etc.)

Ads on screens and banners

What people say about a product (write on specific products with links).

This should give you a quick idea of how you could make money in that niche.

10 Blog Niche Ideas That Will Make Money in 2022

I've put together a list of the most profitable blog niches for 2022 below.

To help you find a good, profitable niche with low competition in 2022,

  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Yoga
  • Working out on your own
  • A guide to the city
  • Food and How to Cook
  • Getting healthy
  • Finance
  • How to Make Money on the Internet
  • Attractiveness and Style

Ezzee Ideas gives you the top 10 Profitable Blog Niches Ideas for 2022. You can save this detailed guide to blog niches that make money for 2022 so you can check it out

1. Fitness and Wellness

One of the Best Profitable Blogging Niche in 2022 is Fitness Blog. It's easy to start a blog about fitness! It's simple because the tools you need to start a fitness blog are cheap and easy to use. But I don't want to set any expectations that are too high. If you want to start a blog about fitness or health in 2022, there are a lot of free tools to help you get started.

So, if you want to make a successful and money-making fitness blog, you need to figure out a few important things!

First, you should look into a few micro-niches and figure out what you want to write about. Ask yourself, "What story do you want to tell?" and "Who are you talking to?"

A successful fitness blog starts with knowing who you're writing for.

If you want to start a blog about weight loss, try to stick to this. You might want to talk about how you got fit or sell your knowledge about diet and nutrition.

Make sure you don't write random blog posts about your stressful, busy life, your 9-to-5 job, or your family problems, or people will stop reading your blog.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a low-competition niche with a lot of money to be made in 202.

If you have a license to teach fitness or yoga, you can write a series of blog posts and publish them or make an e-book and sell it. You will also make short videos for websites or instructional videos for YouTube.

3. Working out on your own

Personal Training is one of my favorite blog niches on the list of the Best Profitable Blogging Niches in 2022.

If you have a blog with tips and tricks for working out and custom meal plans for each day of the week (based on diets), this could be the last thing that brings people to your site. Tips and schedules for getting fit and working out for people who are busy

4. A guide to the city

Look around your own city and a few other nearby places. You'll talk about ways to travel on a budget and a few unusual places in the area.

You can write a lot of articles about this subject, and a lot of people found this City Guide. So, in 2022, it's also a profitable niche for blogging. You can do something about this.

5. Food and how to cook

Are you a foodie or a person who loves to cook? Want to tell the world about your food ideas? Then you should start a blog about food!

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to blog in 2022 is about food. You can write about a lot of different things and niches, and recipes and food are two things that everyone loves.

If you're a trained chef or know a lot about a certain type of food, you'll start writing blog posts about cooking techniques or how to make certain dishes. You'll also review recipes and write instructions for a number of cooking tools (recipes in microwaves, air fryers, or grillers).

6. Health Ralated

So, are you thinking about how to start a blog about health?

The Internet needs more quality, legitimate, and socially responsible bloggers LIKE YOU!!

Health is a broad topic, so not everyone will be interested in it. When people look for health information, they usually want to know something specific, like how to lose weight, what to eat for a certain condition, or how to help babies and young children with their behavior. The health industry is one of the most important. It's important that you choose a specific segment to focus on your ideal audience and set yourself up as an expert on your topic.

7. Finance

When starting a new blog, it is often important to choose a specific topic for your finance blog.

If your topic of interest is too broad, like "personal finance" in general, it will be hard to keep tourists who are interested in what you have to say. If one of your readers is only interested in personal finance advice for high school students, they won't read your blogs every day because you also write about things like "personal finance tips for new couples."

But the easiest thing to understand about the finance niche is that it is Wide and Evergreen.

You would never have trouble coming up with niche topics for your finance blog.

The best thing you can do is find a topic that doesn't have a lot of competition but that people still want to learn about.

8. How to Make Money on the Internet

Everyone wants to make money these days. This is often one of the most-looked-up words on the Internet. Because of this, this is often one of the most popular niches for blogs.

With more and more people using the Internet, there are a lot of ways for people and businesses to make money online.

There are a lot of big topics in this Niche, such as BloNiche, program optimization (SEO), social media marketing, affiliate marketing, how to start an e-commerce business, how to run FB ads, etc. So, if you want to start a blog, you can often choose from a huge number of sub-niches.

You can write a blog about anything that interests you and teach people about it.

How to make money from a blog or niche about making money online:

Sponsor Niches, Affiliate Products and Services, Personal Products and Services, and Advertising

9. DIY and Crafts

Another popular niche for blogs is DIY and crafts. This is often one of the most searched-for niches for blogging on Pinterest. The majority of the people this blogging niche is aimed at are women. This niche is essential for people who want to find DIY things they can make themselves, like ideas for decorating their homes and gardens, craft ideas for college students and young people, etc.

If you're smart, creative, and have good ideas, your DIY blog will help people by giving them useful information. There are usually a lot of smaller markets you can choose from.

  • · Kids Craft
  • · Sewing
  • · Home decor
  • · Gardening
  • · Woodworking etc.

How to make money with DIY and crafts:

Advertising, Products and Services from Affiliates, and Personal Products and Services.

10. Style and Beauty

Have you found a blog niche that will make you money in 2022? Here you go, the "Beauty and Fashion" niche is waiting for you.

This is a separate part that most people, especially kids, are interested in. If you're really into fashion, you'll start a blog. The beauty and fashion niche is one of the most popular ones. Most of the time, this is an evergreen niche that makes you money.

Everyone wants to look their best and dress in line with the latest style, so they look for tips and advice.

This blogging niche has a lot of different sub-niches, such as skincare, fashion trends, grooming, beauty products, fashion accessories, and so on.

Write interesting and useful posts for your blog. Share what you know and what you think about things like fashion trends, etc.

Affiliate products are the main way that fashion and wonder blogs make money.

In your beauty and fashion blog, you can promote a wide range of affiliate products, such as clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

How to Make Money from a Fashion and Beauty Blog:

Advertising, Products and Services from Affiliates, Products and Services from Individuals, and Sponsored Posts.

Another Blog Niche That Will Make Money in 2022

In 2022, there were two more most profitable blogging niches:

  • Technology
  • Education

You can also work with these blogging niches. It will soon rank on Google with a high CPC, and you will make a good profit on this niche.

Technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. This niche is getting bigger every day. The technology blog is a huge draw for people who like technology. If you want to make a lot of money from blogging, you can choose a niche like "Technology." It's also going to be the most profitable niche for blogging in 2022.

Tech fans wanted to know about the newest tech and gadgets as soon as they came out. Because of this, there are a lot of people who read blogs about technology. Also, there are often many sub-niches, such as Gaming Technology, Mobile Technology, Hi-Fi Tech Gadgets, AI, VR, etc.

Blogs about technology talk about things like Technology News, Gadget Reviews, how to use things, etc.

If you're really into technology, a blog about it can be very interesting.

If you like technology and want to share what you know about it with other people, you'll start a technology blog.

How to Make Money from a Technology Blog:

Sponsored posts, ads, products and services from affiliates, and personal products and services.

If you're really into technology, a blog about it can be very interesting.

If you like technology and want to share what you know about it with other people, you'll start a technology blog.


In 2022, an education blog niche is highly recommended and will be a profitable one.

Every educated person has at least one thing they can teach someone else. So starting an education blog is always a simple idea. People are interested in many different kinds of skills. Students want to know more about the things they study in school or college. The young people want to set up competitions. Often, the scale is huge.

If you know a lot about a certain subject or skill, you might start a blog about it.

Everyone needs to get an education. Many of us are looking for ways to learn new skills. Students need to know what they're taking in school or college or want to get ready for a certain test.

If you know a lot about that subject, you could start a blog about it.

There are also great ways for an academic blog to make money. For example, you might offer Printable PDFs, eBooks, eCourses, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Making Money Through Education Blog:

Sponsorship, Advertising, Products and Services from Affiliates, and Your Own Products and Services.

Last Opinion

I want to talk about "10 Best Tips to Find a Trending and Profitable Blogging Niche in 2022" in this article. I think the topic you chose for your blog is great after reading this article.

Don't run just to make money; build your site to help people and give them the right information. After you did this, Google ranked your website for you, and you made a lot of money.

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