top 5 Websites to find free creative commons music

free creative commons music

find free creative commons music

1. dig.cc – Mixter This is the index of ccMixter, a web platform for sharing remixes. All the music on the positioning is commissioned below inventive Commons (that’s what the “cc” stands for), that makes it the proper place to explore.

You can use ccMixter to conjointly explore tracks, however there’s no simple thanks to filter by license sort. The advantage of skipping straight to dig.ccMixter is that they need already sorted tracks into classes, together with free music for business comes. There area unit quite four,200 to decide on from.

2. ccTrax – Another website dedicated to inventive Commons music, ccTrax could be a curated assortment with attention on electronic genres like techno and house music. You can filter tracks by license sort, genre, and tags like “cinematic” or “shoegaze.”

3. Sound Cloud – Sound Cloud is a web music sharing website with quite one hundred seventy five million users worldwide, and quite two hundred million tracks. That variety includes a large amount of tracks within the property right, or commissioned below inventive Commons. As a bonus, SoundCloud is extremely simple to navigate and explore.

4. Bandcamp – Like SoundCloud, Bandcamp could be a music distribution website for artists to share their work. And tho’ Bandcamp was based to pay artists for his or her work, there’s a good variety of tracks that area unit commissioned below inventive Commons. You can hunt for music labelled with inventive Commons, tho’ it’s not as easy as SoundCloud, that permits you to filter by usage. sorting out music labelled with property right is that the simplest way to seek out tracks for business use.

5. Musopen – Musopen provides opus, recordings, and academic materials for free of charge to the general public. they need attention on genre, and have recorded and free collections by composers like Beethoven and Chopin. They have an outsized assortment of copyright-free recordings, which might be employed by anyone for any project. you’ll be able to search by musician, instrument, arrangement, or mood.

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